Remove Weed Smell from Indoor Air

Phew, the smell of the pungent weed smell keeps swirling within the air without prevail and without abstraction. There are many odors that can enter into an indoor environment that will travel throughout the air and plague the air and air quality within this enclosed space. In recent events, the use of marijuana has increased both in outdoor and indoor environments due to the laws that have passed for medical marijuana use and even recreational marijuana use in certain U.S. states. The more and more use of marijuana, the more exposure there will be to weed smoke for most individuals which can leave compromised air quality and in turn potentially compromised health.

Cannabis is composed of a mix of organic compounds and matter that will form and produce the odor from the weed that gets emitted into the air from smoking. The smell is something that many smokers constantly fight against to reduce inside of their indoor environments due to strict regulations of smoke in the air.

In this article we are going to discuss what exactly is the cause of the smell of weed and what can you do to properly remove weed smell from your indoor air.

What Does Marijuana Smell Like

What Does Marijuana Smell LikeIf you have ever been in the presence of marijuana smell than the unmistakable odor will be highly recognizable when present in any environment. The strong, pungent marijuana smoke has sometimes been identified as a skunky smell that does a superb job of spreading rapidly throughout an environment, whether indoors or outdoors – but when indoors the smell can be nearly 10 times as strong, which makes it harder to remove from the air.

Before, or even after it is smoked, the marijuana smell can be released into the air in large quantities depending on the specific strain of cannabis that is in the environment. Cannabis strains play a large role in the smell that is produced from the marijuana, as some strains will contain more or different types of terpenes in their composition.

Terpenes are aromatic oils that give cannabis its specific odor, some strong-smelling and others less notable to the human nose. There have been over 100 different terpenes that were found in cannabis plants, and every strain uses a unique terpene composition.

How to Eliminate Weed Odor

The removal of weed smoke from the air can be a lengthy and taxing process to undertake in your indoor environment. Whether there is habitual weed smoke released into the environment or if the smoke from one exposure has lingered for an extended period of time. There are a variety of methods that are currently used today to try to eliminate weed odors in an indoor environment, from sploofs, to toilet paper rolls with dryer sheets, and even air freshener sprays that were designated for weed smoke removal. Although these methods may be effective against certain components of weed smoke, they will not completely eliminate all traces of the weed smoke. In this instance, the best solution weed smell eliminator will be an effective air purifier for weed smoke.

Weed Smell Eliminator

Weed Smell EliminatorWhen it comes to cleaning the air and riding it of strong weed aroma, the ultimate method for this removal is through the use of a fast and effective air purifier, like the EnviroKlenz Air Purifier. Unlike other air purifiers, that may use traditional air purifier technologies such as carbon or ozone, the EnviroKlenz technology is a patented process that utilizes earth minerals that will break down and/or eliminate pollutants such as noxious odors, chemicals, and VOCs from the air completely.

EnviroKlenz has the ability to not only contain, but to also chemically break down a wide variety of chemical compounds without releasing any harmful pollutants or chemicals back into the air – without the use of masking agents or chemicals. The EnviroKlenz Air Purifier is highly capable of breaking down the complex composition of weed smoke completely, making it the ideal weed smell eliminator.

Frequently Asked Questions – Cannabis Smoke Odor Removal

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