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“It really might be the best air purifier on the market.”

Chris White

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“Getting through the pandemic is a challenge for everybody, and everybody’s part makes a difference. Your EnviroKlenz Air System has really helped us, and we appreciate it.”

-Dr. Levine
Levine Orthodontics, Lexington, Massachusetts

“This is precisely what we need now in hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental practices, classrooms, and other public spaces. It’s a UV virus killer and HEPA filter. Cleans the air around you. I’ve purchased two already and recommended them to colleagues. “

-Jeff. S

“Knowing that the units have been tested and particles smaller than COVID-19 could be trapped. That was the guiding light. No other units can say they do the same thing as EnviroKlenz. “

– Dawn Smith
Director of Operations, Luzrene County

“I really like my EnviroKlenz and since plugging it in I have only turned it off to change filters. I have noticed that my seasonal allergies are reduced and smells (from cooking and dogs) are cleared out rather quickly”

-Gabriel A.

“I recently stayed at this cozy boutique home in Sheboygan. During these pandemic times, it is important to note the owner has added the EnviroKlenz Air System Plus. As a physician, I appreciate this extra step to provide a safe home away from home. “

-Guest of Bob Arnold

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