Is the Smell of Paint Bad for You?

Have you just finished applying a fresh coat of paint inside your home only to be confronted with irritating fumes that have spiked an array of adverse health symptoms? The process of painting can take a significant amount of time, with the initial painting of the wall, the drying process, and the looming off gassing process that occurs days after painting has commenced.

Paint is composed of a mix of chemicals that makes paint a specific type, whether it be epoxy urea-formaldehyde, latex, or oil-based paint. The chemicals found within these different types of paints are identified as potentially hazardous chemicals that can cause an array of health problems. This is true for those who are exposed to the chemical, whether that be the person who applied the paint or even for those who are exposed to the environment after the paint has been applied to the interior walls.

How hazardous is paint to human health and how can you remove the paint fumes from the tainted indoor environment?

How Long Are Paint Fumes Harmful?

Paint that is used in the home contains a mix of potentially toxic chemicals such as solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When the paint that is applied to the walls dries, the chemicals that the paint is composed of evaporates into the air where an individual can inhale these toxic fumes. There are two categories of paint, water-based and oil-based paints – each of these paints use different materials in their construction such as solvents which are added to oil-based paints. When these solvents and chemicals are absorbed into the lungs, it can trigger an array of health issues.

The paint fumes produced from the paint can occur for days after the painting has been completed. The fumes are produced from a process called off gassing as the chemicals in the paint begin to turn into a gaseous state and into the indoor air, tainting the quality of the air in this environment. It is best to avoid this environment for a couple days after the painting wraps-up, as it can significantly affect the health of those exposed to the toxic environment.

Paint Fumes Side Effects

When paint fumes are produced into the air in an enclosed environment, it can taint the indoor air quality drastically, which conversely impacts those in the environment and their health. Upon inhalation of paint fumes in an indoor space, it can lead to health symptoms that can include the following:






The side effects from paint fumes can range depending on the level of exposure and the amount of paint fumes in the air.

Treatment for Exposure to Paint Fumes

The exposure to paint fumes can be hazardous and thus preventing the release of paint fumes inside the indoor environment is important to minimizing health effects. After painting a room, it will be necessary to increase air flow and ventilation within the space. An air purifier will help to accomplish this increase in air flow and ventilation, as air purifiers help to increase air in the environment while purifying the contaminants from the air.

The EnviroKlenz Air Purifier is an effective air purifier that is designed to capture and breakdown/eliminate chemical and chemical odors such as paint fumes from the air. The EnviroKlenz technology is a patented earth mineral technology that is capable of actually eliminating a broad spectrum of chemicals including those found in paint and paint fumes, rather than other air purifier technologies that have the potential to re-release the chemicals back into the air.

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