How Do I Get Rid of the Paint Smell Fast?

Painting inside your home can do wonders for your indoor space, as it can bring new life to the indoor living environment. There are a variety of different options when it comes to paint, the style and the different colors that can brighten up or darken a room with a few coats of paint. The smells and odors that paint produces can be described in one word, potent, a strong smell that permeates throughout an entire indoor environment. Paint smell is created by an amalgam of chemicals that are utilized in the construction of the liquid that will emit these chemicals in the form of a gaseous odor.

The paint smell will take time to dissipate from the indoor environment and this process may require the assistance of an air purification device to mitigate the paint smell fast from the indoor air.

How can you get rid of this paint smell inside your home and how toxic are these fumes to human health?

Why Does My Room Still Smell Like Paint?

You’ve recently painted the inside of your room and the smell is still going strong in this air space and will not relent. Following the painting in the interior of the home, the paint will take a day or so to completely dry from the surface. As the drying process of the paint occurs, the chemicals found in the paint, which are known as VOCs, are released from the surface of the wall. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are organic chemicals that are known to have a high vapor pressure when acclimated to room temperature. When these chemicals reach room temperature, they materialize into a gaseous state that will taint the indoor air quality. This process is commonly referred to as off gassing, the emission of chemicals at room temperature.

How Long Does Paint Smell Last?

There are a variety of different paints that are available to consumers, from oil-based, latex, water-based, and low VOC paints. Each of these types of paints can produce a different level of VOCs and fumes that will lead to a potent paint smell in the indoor air space. For regular, oil-based paint the smell of the paint can linger in the environment for up to a month in a poorly ventilated room. However, if you have increased air flow and proper ventilation in the room in which paint smell is invading, it will help to dissipate the smell of the paint within 14 to 24 weeks.

Paint Odor Eliminator

Paint, as we discussed is a very strong-smelling product that is applied inside the home, as it contains a large quantity of chemicals within the liquid paint. The process of removing the toxic chemicals in paint from the air is easier said than done, as these chemicals are so strong that it requires a highly effective solution to mitigate and eliminate these chemicals and chemical odors from the air space. In an effort to remove these strong odors, people are turning to air purifiers as a method to expel these chemicals from the air. Air purifiers are devices that are designed to eliminate airborne contaminants from the air, with some purifiers proficient in eradicating chemicals and chemical odors such as from paint.

The EnviroKlenz Air Purifier is an efficient air purification device that is capable of capturing and breaking-down/neutralizing the chemicals and chemical odors from the air. The EnviroKlenz technology is constructed of a patented earth mineral blend that when contact occurs between the earth minerals and the chemicals/chemical odors the minerals will adsorb the contaminant and neutralize it as it interacts with the technology. This is unlike any other air purifier, as it offers complete removal rather than retention of the chemicals for potential re-release back into the environment. This capability makes EnviroKlenz the ideal option for paint odor elimination.

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