Are Polyurethane Fumes Harmful?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what exactly makes your new wood flooring, or maybe even your old floors with that beautiful glistening sheen appearance? Flooring, particularly wood flooring, have the potential to collect many imperfections with wear and tear to the floor, whether it be scratches, nicks, or discoloration. In an effort to protect the flooring from these abrasions, the wood flooring is treated with a mix of chemicals to help protect the flooring and give it the luminous shine to the material. The chemical that allows for this protection and glossy look is known as Polyurethane.

Polyurethane is a petrochemical resin that contains a mix of toxins including isocyanates that are known to disrupt the respiratory system. The polyurethane is available in two types, either water or oil-based, and is easily applied onto wood flooring during the manufacturing process.

How toxic is polyurethane and what can you do to mitigate the potentially harmful fumes produced from polyurethane?

Is Polyurethane Toxic?

The petrochemical resin, Polyurethane, is a potentially hazardous toxin that can lead to an amalgam of health issues in those who are exposed to the chemical. As we stated earlier, one of the major toxins used in polyurethane is a respiratory toxin called isocyanates – which can stir a load of respiratory problems in the health of those exposed.

When people are exposed to polyurethane in a room, it can also produce other health problems that can include symptoms such as the following:

Eye and throat irritation





Shortness of breath

And other respiratory problems

The toxicity of polyurethane also increases in children who are exposed, as kids are more prone to developing issues and symptoms due to a susceptible and sensitive immune system. This is also true with individuals both adults and children that have other health ailments such as respiratory diseases, lung disease, and heart disease that make their susceptibility heightened.

How to Remove Hazardous Polyurethane Fumes from the Air

After polyurethane is applied to flooring, whether that be new flooring or restored flooring, the chemicals composed of polyurethane can become emitted into the air and affect the indoor air quality within the environment. This occurs due to a process called off gassing, where the chemicals acclimate to room temperature which turns the chemicals into a gaseous state and releases into the air. Once chemicals become airborne in an indoor environment, the process of removing these contaminants can be quite lengthy.

The curing time of polyurethane can take anywhere from days to weeks and depending on how much was applied and the air flow inside the home, it may take longer to dissipate from the air. The best way to speed up the curing time and off gassing process of polyurethane from the air, is to utilize an efficient air purifier.

The EnviroKlenz Air Purifier is an efficient air purification device that is able to remove chemicals and chemical odors from the air, breaking them down and neutralizing them completely from the air. The EnviroKlenz technology utilizes a patented earth mineral technology that is capable of breaking down and neutralizing a broad spectrum of chemicals from the air, rather than capturing and storing the chemicals on a filter – with the risk of re-release a possibility.

By placing the EnviroKlenz Air Purifier inside an indoor space where polyurethane was utilized, will help to filter out these chemicals and leaving the air less contaminated and improving air quality overall inside the indoor space.

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