Is it Possible to be Allergic to Air?

Uh-oh the sneezing has started, followed by watery eyes and a scratchy throat, what is wrong? On the first onset of these types of symptoms in the body you will begin to associate these unwanted symptoms with either allergies or the common cold, but it can be hard to determine between the two as the symptoms can be very similar. Most of the time people will automatically assume upon sneezing and cold symptoms that they are battling a cold but that is not always true. Allergies will demonstrate similar symptoms as a cold but sometimes these symptoms will only appear in certain conditions such as in your home. Could you possibly be allergic to the air in your home?

We are going to discuss whether you can be allergic to the air, what allergens could be in your home’s air, and ways that can help your allergies at home.

Why Are My Allergies So Bad?

Why Are My Allergies So BadWhen it comes to allergies some people will experience severe allergy symptoms that will leave you wondering why are your allergies so bad? An allergy is caused by a specific reaction to an allergen in the body that the immune system identifies as a foreign invader and fights off through the common symptoms of allergies. The more allergens that are in the environment that your body reacts to as a foreign invader the greater your allergy symptoms will be – leading to severe allergies in some individuals.

The signs and symptoms that an individual may experience if they are undergoing an allergy will include the following;

  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Itchy eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Throat irritation
  • Fatigue

Indoor Airborne Allergens

The number of people suffering from allergies can be plentiful and this can be caused by the different allergens that are found within your indoor environment. Some people may wonder if they are possibly allergic to air and in some respects you are – as allergens will float in the air and contaminate the air quality leading to allergy symptoms. The major allergens that can be found in an indoor space like a home can include the following:

  • Dust Mites: Dust mites are small allergens that feed off of dust and dead skin within your home. They can be found throughout the entire home and will flock to areas where an excess of dust and dead skin is found like a bed and bed linens. These dust mites are so small that they can easily enter into the body and elicit allergy symptoms.
  • Pet Dander: When it comes to our furry pets inside of our home, they can sometimes be allergy triggers that will spark an adverse reaction upon contact or exposure. Pet’s release a dander from their fur coat that will become airborne into the environment and stir up allergy symptoms when exposure occurs in the indoor space.
  • Mold Spores: As mold grows inside an indoor environment it will start its reproduction process by releasing tiny, microscopic spores into the air called mold spores that can trigger an allergic response in those with allergies. The mold spores will float into the air and potentially reach into the deepest recesses of the lungs and impact human health along with allergy symptoms.

Ways to Help Allergies at Home

Indoor environments like a home or office building can be the ideal places for allergens to build up within and taint the air quality. If you start to experience a tremendous increase in your allergy symptoms while in your home or office than it may be time to start implementing some methods to help reduce allergens in the air.

Ways To Help Allergies At Home

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