Condo Electric invests in air purifiers for its Repair Center

The repair shop is located in Hialeah, Florida.

Hialeah, FL (March 17, 2021) – Condo Electric Motor Repair has reached an agreement on March 17, 2021, to acquire EnviroKlenz Air Systems for its office and repair shop.

Condo Electric was founded in 1948, with its company focused on motor rewind and repair. Their growth over the years has brought them two more divisions of service, Industrial Supply and Metal Fabrication, and their team of experts carry out skilled work through their testing and operation sites. Condo Electric has invested in EnviroKlenz Air Purifiers for its operations facilities, enhancing the air quality for its technical staff.

Learn more about EnviroKlenz and Condo Electric.

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 The EnviroKlenz Air System Plus



Leticia Menzzano

Communications Director, Timilon Corporation

[email protected]


About Timilon Corporation

Timilon Corporation was founded in Fort Myers, Fla., and is the parent-company of EnviroKlenz®, OdorKlenz®, and FAST-ACT®. Timilon is an innovative and rapidly growing company focused on personal air quality, surface decontamination, and engineered solutions.  The company provides destructive adsorption technologies with the ability to destroy, neutralize, eliminate and/or protect against a wide variety of toxic chemicals, noxious odors, and biological hazards. For more information, visit timilon.com.


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