What is Smoke Made Of

Big plumes of smoke are floating in the air and spreading throughout the space rapidly spanning the air. Wildfires are a dangerous and serious natural disaster that can provoke hazardous conditions both in the outdoor environment and in the indoor environment. The smoke that is produced from these wildfires contain a mix of different compounds, particulates, and toxic gases that can significantly harm human health and compromise air quality drastically in the impacted areas.

When wildfires occur in your backyard, the EPA and state officials issue warnings to citizens in the area to avoid exposure to the outdoor air and limit time spent in this environment, particularly without wearing a face mask for protection against the various pollutants found in wildfire smoke.

What exactly are the dangerous components of wildfire smoke and how can you protect yourself and your indoor air from this wildfire smoke pollutants that travel in the air?

What Kind of Matter is Smoke?

Wildfire smoke is made up of small particulate matter, corrosive gases, hydrocarbons, fats and oils, and resins and waxes. During and after a wildfire there will be hundreds and thousands of chemicals that can be found in smoke along with the ash – all of these compounds can be potentially dangerous to people and properties within the affected area. The primary composition of smoke is water vapor that is composed with other pollutants like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, irritant volatile organic compounds, air toxics and very small particulate matter.

The composition of smoke matter from wildfires can be harmful pollutants to human health upon inhalation and ingestion of this smoke. The severity of health risks from wildfire smoke can vary depending on the person and their age, health condition, and susceptibility to smoke effects. Those individuals with heart or lung issues, those who suffer from asthma, and children and the elderly that have weakened immune systems.

Smoke Particle SizeSmoke Particle Size

Particulate matter found in smoke is the main pollutant of concern found in wildfire smoke. This type of matter is identified as particles that are suspended into the air in both liquid and solid particles. The particles produced from wildfire smoke are very small – typically less than one micrometer in diameter. Wood smoke that is produced from wildfires will emit particulates into the air that range in size from 0.4 to 0.7 micrometers in size. This is a hazardous size that can easily become ingested into the human body and enter into the deepest recess of the lungs and potentially into the bloodstream that will cause major health issues.

Air Purifier for Wildfire Smoke

Choosing an air purifier or air cleaner for wildfire smoke is a decision that should be made before a wildfire occurs near your home or personal indoor space. Air purifiers are an effective method for reducing indoor particle levels, provided that the specific air purifier is adequately matched to deal with the pollutants and conditions that are present in the indoor environment. Depending on the air purifier, the technology they use, and the pollutants that they face in the environment, the selection of an air purifier is critical to properly and effectively removing certain pollutants from the indoor air.

The EnviroKlenz Air Purifier provides both toxic and noxious chemical elimination capabilities in a system that also filters particulate matter down to 0.3 microns in size. This air purifier can be used to minimize and eliminate contamination in the home, specifically corrosive gases that not even ozone and carbon filtration could remove from the air after a wildfire. EnviroKlenz uses metal oxides, instead of carbon or zeolites, which allows for a variety of chemical pathways to interact and breakdown the various toxic and noxious compounds found in wildfire smoke.

Mobile Air System

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